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Australia's Very Own Inspirational Coffee Table Book

My Story

Marina Brbot was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and moved to British Columbia, Canada with her family as a teenager. She missed her home of Australia and moved back to Melbourne in her early 20s, fell in love, married and had a son.


Marina considers herself an Australian born to Croatian parents. Living the best of both cultures, she has always been led by her creative nature and became an award-winning photographer and author of her first book Because She Can.


As a child, Marina had a fascination with powerful women and a strong sense of justice for those that have gone through hardships. She expresses herself through her portraiture, writing and motivational speaking. 


Lover of different cultures, passionate and determined, she has always found her mother’s giving and charitable nature her greatest inspiration.


She hopes this book will inspire and empower the world to love and contribute to those who need it most.


“Never tell me it can’t be done. Where there is a will, there is a way.”


"May the tenacious spirt of these women inspire you to make a difference"

When You Bring Inspiration To The Table
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"May this book gives those that receive it

The capacity to learn

The willingness to achieve and

The ability to make a difference".

                            Marina Brbot

The difference between living in a city and living in the most liveable city in the world, is the presence of women that contribute to those that need it most.  

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Her Quote

“Wisdom doesn’t always come in suits.”

Moira Kelly


The Gift that will keep on giving

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As a result of writing this book women and men  all over the globe are being inspired and motivated, Because She Can is showing readers that anything is possible.

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