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Interviews with 30 diverse and amazing women who have contributed to Melbourne and the world, tell their stories and answer the same question: If you could do anything, what would it be?


Connected to the interviews are stunning photographs of each woman, providing a fascinating and compelling visual and textual story.


The stories found in the pages of Because She Can will take you on an emotional journey ranging from delight to heartbreak but always inspiring. These women are all connected by a common thread, believing in a cause with a deep-rooted passion that they take to create positive change. Some of these women act as mentors and others tell their emotional story.


Because She Can will evoke emotions along with motivating all those who read it, proving the point that there truly is nothing that you cannot do or achieve if you are passionate enough and you believe it is for the good of humankind. Because She Can will inspire you and turn uncertainty into courage.

Because She Can


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